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The Akashic Records are a place  (in the nonphysical sense, of course) where anyone can access our souls’ lifetime of histories and patterns throughout time. We all have the ability to access the Records, but some of us have a clearer channel, and that increases with practice. The Records can provide you with better understanding as to who you are in this lifetime and what your paths of purpose might be.


'Elemental Self Healing' came to me as a guided name. We are all healers, but it is only through our self-healing that we are able to move forward in clarity. I use the four elements in my readings, calling upon the strengths of our Earth: the mountains to our East, the water of the Pacific to our West, and the winds and fire of the sun that follow us throughout our days, along with the ancestors who have come before us, and the stars, planets, and guides who surround us.

 During a Reading?


After centering ourselves and accessing the Records, I receive imagery that I describe to you with intuitive messaging. Oftentimes it is a loved one who has passed on, or one of your guides letting you know they are with you, and sometimes they convey personal messages. The readings are meant to provide you with clarity surrounding your soul’s purpose, or perhaps a particular event or person that you need guidance on.

Wondering if a Reading is for You?

If you’ve been feeling stuck, like you can’t seem to get out of the fog, or like you aren’t sure what your path or purpose is, now is a good time for a reading. If you feel like you’ve been repeating patterns throughout your life, and aren’t sure why, the Records have answers.


Take a leap of faith and see what your guides have to say.



We can have our session together in person in Todos Santos at Tarot de Baja, or via Zoom. Our first session is 45-60 minutes, and you can purchase at the same time a follow up session of 30 minutes, good for use within 12 months of our initial session for 2-3 follow up questions. 


I offer my readings and pricing to reflect peoples’ needs – if you are unable to pay a full amount, email me about a payment plan or reduced rate. I prefer payment via PayPal or Venmo, but cash in person works as well if you are in the Todos Santos area.


I happily pay referral fees in the form of a discounted rate of your next booked session when you refer a friend.

Jen is incredibly wise, in tune, compassionate, and helpful. Like the most attentive priest, rabbi, therapist, spiritual guide or medical practitioner of any discipline, I don’t think you need to fully understand the methodology, or even subscribe to a particular belief system, in order to derive tremendous benefit. She’s extraordinarily skilled in understanding individuals’ gifts, limitations, and injuries. She's like that friend of yours who is the best listener, knows what you mean even when you can’t quite articulate it, and has advice that’s comforting when it needs to be and direct when it's helpful.

- Jess


 To a Loved One

If you’d like to give a reading with me, book as you would for yourself but add their email address instead of yours. I’ll create & send them a session time they can reschedule at their convenience.

You’ll receive a discount on the next session you book for yourself!

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I certainly understand that these practices can create questions, large and small.
Feel free to email me and I’d be happy to answer any I can around the Records, my process, and what a reading with me would look like.

Self Healing 

Connect with intuitive guidance for clarity & self healing

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