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I believe that...

  • we are all here with purpose, and that sometimes we become mis-aligned with our purpose, and need guidance back to it.

  • we are all connected and have been for many lifetimes.

  • our guides are here with us at all times to help us be our highest selves.


 Read the Akashic Records...

I have had strong intuitive gifts since a young age but it wasn’t until a fortunate accident that I was able to study and work in the Akashic Records. While rollerskating on my 42nd birthday, I fell, breaking one wrist and severely injuring the other, taking away the use of both of my hands for two full months. I was told during a reading, "We took away your hands so that you could receive." This sudden gift of time allowed me to finally have the chance to truly practice reading the records. I gifted 27 readings in 35 days and knew I was finally on my path in this work.

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We all have guides in our current lives - loved ones who have passed on, ancestors from our blood lineage, and souls we’ve connected with over past lives. A reading in the Records can connect us with our guides to lead us towards clarity and purpose. It is such a gift to be able to practice and work with the records and our guides - and each reading is equally a gift to me as your reader.


 Akashic Records
mean to me…

The Story of how I got here…

I’ve lived a life wearing many hats throughout my “career”. I’ve been a catalog production coordinator, copy editor and writer, trained as a doula and yoga teacher, and worked in countless restaurants, bars, and friends’ shops. I’ve worked my way up to be Assistant Director in films, commercials, and shows. It took me many years to realize that all of these seemingly completely different career paths all have one thing in common: My gift and purpose in this world is to help others realize their dreams.


I moved to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico more than 8 years ago on a whim, and temporarily. I opened a bar with my then-boyfriend and lived a wild and uncomplicated  life completely opposite of the one I had lived in San Francisco for the 14 years prior to that. But I felt restless. I knew I had a bigger purpose - and gifts I was meant to share. After wandering into a shop on a trip to Los Angeles where readings were offered, I received my first ever Akashic Records reading from Chiara Maya. In it, she shared that I was meant to do this work, and for the first time, I knew the feeling of being Aligned in Purpose. It was only a matter of time until I followed the calling to my path.


Feeling Called?

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